"Anvesaka" is a Sanskrit word with a number of possible translations including explorer, researcher, and investigator. However the most commonly used interpretation, and the one that most resonates with me is "seeker". Inherently yoga is a journey, one that deepens as we progress through physical attainment and into the more demanding mental and spiritual challenges. I felt this word perfectly summed up my feelings about what yoga should be, especially when I realised the origins of my own family name mean “to seek” or “to hunt”.

I stumbled into yoga in my mid 20s after the birth of my first child, having tried and hated a few classes over the previous decade. It's fair to say it wasn't love at first sight for me and yoga! After a difficult pregnancy and prolonged hospital stay for our daughter I was feeling emotionally battered and bruised, and sought out a place to rebuild mentally and physically, and returned to try yoga once more. The peace I found on the mat was uplifting, and gave me a sense of contentment and peace that I had never before experienced. I have found yoga has fit perfectly with my personal ethos on self-development, continually seeking new experiences and knowledge.

I have been extremely lucky to practice with some truly incredible teachers, who have supported and inspired me on my journey in yoga and into teacher training. I qualified as a children’s yoga teacher through Yogabugs in February 2015, and completed my British Wheel of Yoga Fountation Stage in spring 2016, and became a qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher in early 2018. I qualified to teach Aqua Yoga in May 2017, Aerial Yoga in September 2017 and am undertaking ante-natal Yoga training with the British Wheel of Yoga to complete in late 2018. I am continually seeking new training opportunities, to develop my own practice and to enrich my teaching.

I began teaching yoga in schools, however found that the limited time meant yoga was stripped back to posture work with little time to explore the many wider benefits of yoga which can help build children’s self-confidence, mental resilience and other social skills. I now teach private family classes as well as pre-school classes, adult classes in various formats, all centered around Yarm, Eaglescliffe and Stockton.  I believe yoga has the power to instigate great physical and emotional change, and I am excited to be able to share this with everyone from 18 months to 80 and beyond.
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