New Starter Information: Mat Based Yoga

​Thank you for choosing to join our classes, we love it when someone joins our tribe! We hope you’ll enjoy your classes with us, hopefully this document will give you an idea of what to expect in your class.

Is there anything I should do before class?
Before your first class please fill out your registration form. This bit is really important as it allows us to adjust the class for everyone in the room.
Please email us at [email protected] clearly stating your name and class if you do not consent to your picture (or your child’s name and class for under 16s) being taken and posted on our social media or website pages. It is rare we take pictures in a mat based yoga class, however if we practice outside, do partner work or group work then very occasionally pictures are taken.
It’s a good idea not to eat a heavy meal just before class as it may make bending or twisting or inverted movements uncomfortable. Please ensure you turn your phone to silent before the start of class.
What should I wear to class?
Comfortable clothes, usually leggings or jogging bottoms and a tshirt or similar, heavy fabric such as jeans won’t allow you to move freely. We will usually practice barefoot, however if you would prefer to wear socks, non-slip/grippy socks can be picked up for under £3 from sports shops or Amazon, or from jump360.
Do I need to bring anything with me?
If you have a yoga mat or gym mat this is an essential for mat based classes, however we always bring spares which you are welcome to borrow for your first few classes. You may wish to bring a bottle of water, and warm clothes such as a jumper, socks and a blanket for relaxation.
What happens in a mat baed yoga class?
Our yoga classes are 75 minutes long for hatha, and 55 minutes for power yoga, yoga for core strength, Vinyasa and ashtanga. When you arrive find a space for your mat, ideally with enough space to move your arms out to the side and above your head. We take 12 people at Forest School in 2 rows of 6 people however there are less restrictions on space at Black Dragonz and Harlequin.
The class will begin with centering and mobilisation, before moving into the asana (posture) portion of the class. We will build up from gentle movements to more challenging ones, with modifications and variations to suit all abilities. Some movements will be strung together into a sequence (known as a vinyasa). Each movement will be fully explained and demonstrated by your teacher. You will be encouraged to work with your breath through the class, but if this is uncomfortable for any reason just breathe normally. During the class we make work with different ways of controlling the breath or meditation. At the end of the class we will move into a relaxation, where you will be encouraged into a comfortable position with warm clothing or a blanket to encourage deep relaxation.
I have a bad back/niggly hip/knee issues/fibromyalgia/CFS, can I still practice yoga?
Absolutely, there are lots of variations to make postures more accessable. Make sure your teacher is aware of the problem and you will be offered modifications where appropriate. If at any point a posture causes pain ease back to a resting position, or return to the last comfortable stage of the pose. Depending on the nature of the problem some classes may suit better than others, please drop me a message to discuss.

I’m going to miss a week of my course, what can I do?
So long as you cancel with 3 or more hours to go you can swap your class on our swapboard . The password is emailed to you on registration, or is available in the Anvesaka Yoga Current Students Facebook Group . This can give an opportunity to try a class you otherwise wouldn’t have experienced, or your usual class style at a different time. Please note all swaps must be done via the swap board we do not manually process class swaps.
Is there anywhere I can chat to other students or share photos?
Yes! We have a current student facebook group I will share videos, photos and relevant events within this group but everyone is welcome to post and share. Our tribe are a really friendly bunch and often arrange social events within the group. 
I keep forgetting to come to my class, can I get a refund?
Unfortunately we do not offer refunds, classes may be swapped in advance if you cannot attend but not after the time of the class. However if there is an unexpected issue which prevents attendance at class for a prolonged period (such as an injury or change to working patterns) please speak to us as soon as possible and it is possible we can transfer your place to the next course or another class.
Who will teach my class?
More details on all our teachers is available on our team page.  Our teaching patterns shift slightly each term depending on availability, however we try to keep the same teachers in the same times if possible. Occassionally substitute teachers need to be found due to illness or injury however these will always be trained and qualified with either the British Wheel or Yoga Alliance.
Where is my yoga class?
Eaglescliffe - Monday night and pregnancy yoga classes only
Classes in Eaglescliffe are at Eaglescliffe Forest School, off Durham Lane, near Marshalls Stone Yard.  The postcode is TS16 0PS. Please note googlemaps has Forest School on Urlay Nook Road – do not go here! Coming out of Eaglescliffe the turn is shortly after Nifco and Durham Lane Garage. This is a lovely, quiet, warm space with large private outdoor area for summer practice, bags and shoes can be left in the cloakroom or at the edges of the room. There is ample free parking for the class next to the building. In winter months the parking area is not well lit so please walk carefully.
Preston Farm, Harlequin Stage School – Wednesday morning hatha only
Wednesday morning hatha is held at Harlequin Stage School, Sopwith Close, Preston Farm Industrial Estate, Stockton-on-Tees, TS18 3TT. This is a large dance studio with changing/waiting room, you are welcome to bring your bags into the practice room or leave them in the changing room. There are free parking spaces outside the studio.
Preston Farm, Black Dragonz - All other Stockton classes
All aerial classes are held at Black Dragonz Martial Arts, as well as Friday night hatha yoga and Sunday ashtanga yoga. Black Dragonz is at Concorde House, Douglas Close, Preston Farm Industrial Estate, Stockton-on-Tees, TS18 3RB. This is an industrial unit to the rear of Concorde House opposite the Sherwoods Garage. For your first class it is advisable to come a few minutes early as some sat navs direct to the opposite side of the dual carriageway. We have added a pin to googlemaps for 'Black Dragonz Martial Arts' which appears to work well. If you arrive early please be mindful that the previous class may be in relaxation and enter quietly. All outdoor shoes and water bottles should be kept to the carpeted area off the matted floor.

Whessoe Parish Hall - All Darlington classes
All Darlington classes are held at Whessoe Parish Hall, A167, DL1 3AA. While there is a car park on site this may not be sufficient to accommodate all students, especially during cross over between two classes, however there is unlimited roadside parking outside and we are informed the hotel car park can also be used to the rear of the Parish Hall.   
If I have a problem with the class or with my teacher, who should I speak to?
Always come and talk to me us if you have an issue, and we will try to work it out together. Amy's phone number is 07595223061 however this will be turned off while teaching. 
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